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If you are like us, you may try to avoid chemicals in your day to day lives. You recognize that many chemicals have never been proven for human safety and want to treat your and your family’s bodies kindly.

That brings us to the question: Can we fight germs effectively without them?  Yes!

Wash with regular soap and water Anti-bacterial soaps are unnecessary. They are not more effective than regular soap. In fact the frequent use of antibacterial soaps and products contribute to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Washing your hands well with a mild soap is just as effective, sometimes more effective, than any of the chemical products out there.

Don’t let your hands dry out. Being excessive about your hand washing can be dangerous, as dry cracked hands can let bacteria in. Rub in a little coconut oil into your hands if they feel a little dry. It has the added benefit of being a natural anti-microbial.


We are happy to let you know that at our current office we use no chemicals for cleaning . We do this through using Norwex products.  Because we love Norwex and we believe reducing chemicals in our clients lives is a part of getting healthy, we offer Norwex products at our wellness center.

Just what is Norwex?  Although Norwex has many great products, the majority of them revolve around their anti-bacterial microfiber.  Now we all know microfiber is great, so what makes Norwex different?  The microfiber Norwex uses was originally designed for hospital use to combat chemical resistant bacteria. It is an extremely high end fine fiber. The fibers used are 1/100th of a human hair, where normal microfiber is 1/6th. Because of this small size this microfiber incredibly picks up 99% of bacteria on a surface, with only water!

Our experience has been that everyone who tries Norwex loves it. If you would like to have a free demonstration, give us a call and we can schedule a time to show you how using Norwex can save you time through cleaning, money through less cleaning products, and better health through less exposure to chemicals.  Email us at info@nutritionvermont.com for more details.

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