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In these modern times as we are exposed to more and more chemicals in our daily lives more and more people are having Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, which can cause all sorts of unpleasant physical symptoms for them.

For our practice, our experience has been that liver support is essential for these individuals. We would like to share a few tips on how you can adjust your diet to support your liver in order to hopefully help reduce some of your MCS symptoms.

Your may know that the liver is one of the main organs that cleanses toxins from our bodies, so liver support would make sense for someone with MCS. What you may not know is that our modern diets with an increase of processed refined foods have placed a great deal more stress on our livers. Alleviating some of this stress can show marked improvement in someone with MCS.

One of the liver’s big jobs is helping to regulate blood sugar. So eating to

avoid blood sugar dips and spikes will give your liver more energy to deal with cleansing toxins. The following tips are to help keep blood sugar stable and to feed the liver:

Tip #1 Eat Liver

Most of the nutrients needed for a healthy liver are contained in liver. Liver use to be a common food in our culture but has unfortunately decreased in popularity. Because of the method of how many animals are raised we recommend getting your liver from animals raised naturally outdoors. For beef liver the best is a 100% grass fed source. If you have an aversion to eating liver there are supplements that consists of good quality liver. We sell the Biotics brand as we find their sup-plements to be of high quality.

Tip #2 Eat Raw Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds Everyday

There are components in these foods that help feed the detoxification pathways in your liver. Eating these foods everyday help keep these detoxification pathways open and working more efficiently. These foods do need to be raw, not roasted or cooked. Nuts and seeds should be soaked or sprouted to be more digestible.

Tip #3 Eat some good protein with fat every 2-3 hours

Good fats and proteins are slower to digest and feed us without causing blood sugar spikes. Eating every 2-3 hours keeps the blood sugar from dipping. This tip alone can do wonders to relieve stress on the liver. You do not need to eat a meal each time, a handful of raw nuts, a chunk of cheese (not reduced fat), or a piece of healthy meat (not lean) will do.

Tip # 4 Reduce Sweet and Starchy Carbohydrates and Add Fats

Sweet and Starchy Carbohydrates cause rapid blood sugar rises. By reducing the amount and eating them with a fat you can reduce the blood sugar spike. You may find you will feel your best by minimizing the consumption of these to special/rare occasions.

Even when eating healthy starchy carbohydrates like brown rice, potatoes, winter squash, and sweet potatoes you are always better adding a good amount of healthy fat (non hydrogen-ated and if vegetable oil only unrefined cold-pressed) to keep blood sugar stable. We prefer good old fashioned butter.

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