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Picture1There once was a man who owned a cow. He saw that it was good. It was strong, it helped him plow his field and carry his load. It provided fertilizer for his garden. It provided nourishing milk for its own calf and some for his family. The rich nourishing milk was used to create rich yogurt, butter and cheese to nourish them. The cow didn’t want for much. Some hay in the winter and grass from the pasture in the warmer season and it was healthy. And……they were both content.

But, the man was an intelligent man.

He saw that his cow and calf were good and he knew he had plenty of grass and hay. Being the smart man that he was he decided to expand his herd.

He now had a herd of cattle.  Being herd animals the bovine were happy to be together. They grazed in their group and they were content. The farmer saw that it was good. He still had power to plow his fields and pull his loads. He found that as his herds moved through the fields they naturally fertilized and built up the soil. His crops were healthier. His garden was the envy of all the gardeners around. And even with the cows feeding their young there was an abundance of milk. People would come from far away to have some of the deep yellow cheeses that his family created with the rich spring milk each year. In addition to this the man also had leather and meat that surpassed the quality of what they used to buy at the supermarket in town. They wasted nothing. In the colder season they would make rich bone broth that would nourish the family through the winter. The man and his family had everything they needed. The herd was healthy and so was the family. They were all content.

But, the man was an intelligent man.

He saw that the herd was good and had been doing much research and reading and the understanding of the world was well within his grasp. Being the smart man that he was he decided to modernize his herd.

He removed the calves from their mothers at birth and hand raised them. He started milking several times a day. He removed his beef cattle off of the pasture at a young age and confined them. He started feeding grain to them to produce more milk from the dairy cows and quicker growth from the beef cattle. He bought a new tractor to help plant the grain to feed his herd so he no longer needed the power to plow his field or carry his loads. He had an abundance of manure which he now could efficiently spread on his fields with his tractor. He got rid of his large garden and cheese making so he could focus on efficiency and increasing yields. The man was very excited; he had never had so much milk per cow or so short a period of time to raise beef. Money became a little tight from all the new equipment and buildings.

But, the man was an intelligent man. If he kept up with running things efficiently they would see the profits in no time.

He saw that the milk and beef production was good, but with the loans, medications and vet bills his family was barely getting by. Being the smart man that he was he decided to corporatize.

He purchased more dairy cattle and put up new large buildings in place of his fields to house them in. He purchased more beef cattle and put up cement lots to raise them on. He had modern feed and medication shipped in. He stopped breeding his cattle and just had older calves shipped in when he needed them. He hired someone to come in and design a system for waste management. His operation now ran like a well oiled machine and thrived. His family now had plenty of money to build a new house and buy all the things they thought they had wanted. They no longer worried about money.

But, the man was an intelligent man. Even though something didn’t feel quite right, he knew a good money making operation when he saw one and continued to run his business for quite a few years.

One day, after hearing one of his managers complain again about a specific worker, he decided to check it out for himself. At lunch he grabbed a sandwich to eat on the way and headed down to the building where the problems were regularly occurring. As an intelligent business owner he decided to talk to the young man himself to see if he could clear up the issues before making the decision to let him go, as they had never had problems with him before.

The young man seemed quite nervous, as he wasn’t use to seeing his boss at all. But the young man being a wise young man spoke up before his boss could say anything. “Sir, I am so sorry, but this is really beyond my control. I have done everything I could think of. The problem is she is just too smart.” “SHE?” “Yes, sir. No matter what I do every morning I get here and… Well, look for yourself.” The young man led him over to the door way and pointed. Sure enough there was one of the dairy cows happily grazing in the adjacent lot where the grass had grown from lack of up keep.

Something in the intelligent man sof-tened. This cow reminded him of a cow he once owned. He turned to leave. The young man ran after him. “Sir, Sir, I am so sorry. What do you want me to do?” The intelligent man thought for a second and smiled, “Nothing.” “Nothing?” “Yes, nothing.” He turned and walked away.

Some people say on that day the intelligent man lost his mind. As what he did next baffled almost everyone.

First, he sent someone to go pick up the wise cow and bring it to his home. This might not seem too crazy, except, now he lived in a big house in the suburbs and his neighbors weren’t impressed. Second, he immediately started making arrangements to sell his cattle. Then, when the cattle were all gone he bulldozed the buildings and lots and sold the land.

Now if this didn’t seem crazy enough to everyone, he then proceeded to divide all the money he had received among all his employees to help them move on easier. Last he sold his house in the suburbs and bought a very small farm inPicture2 the country.

Now, the man was no longer an intelligent man, anyone could tell you so. He had given most of what he had owned away to live in the country in a simple home. But what everyone didn’t know as he sat down with his wife to enjoy the deep yellow colored cheese she had made with the wise cow’s milk is that he was now wise. Because part of being truly wise is knowing that you know very little and that most of the time, just following the wisdom in creation is the most beneficial for everyone.

And they were all content.

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